Riding Write

I have taken to writing while I journey to my fun job in DC.  I have had this lovely teal journal for about 3 years now and each year I have believed I would finish it.  This IS my year and in fact it will be complete by my birthday in the coming month.  I have periodically adopted the ritual of writing three pages a day based on Julia Cameron’s “morning pages”.  I am “on again” with the ritual and I’ve added an additional writing task.  I also write in a very small ‘pocket’ journal one tiny page about my abundance and specifically my positive relationship with money.  This is a simple easy way to get my abundance-vibe juiced up for the day. 

So…I write in my tiny money journal and then I write three pages in my bigger ‘morning pages’ journal…all on the train…all in full view of my fellow riders.  I have decided that I really don’t care if someone reads my inner thoughts AND I also kind of like to think that someone is possibly left ‘curious’ about what “that lady is doing”.  I love my morning ride on the metro (especially if I am seated) and now I love it more because I write as I ride.


On the ride to work

I explore my inner thoughts

While others look on 

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