A month of it

I am claiming the month of March as my birthday month.

I am going to celebrate myself in little and big ways every day.

I am doing this to practice celebrating myself ALWAYS. 

My celebrations will be about me giving myself opportunities to do good things for myself like exercise, drink water, write, connect, create and sleep.  AND I plan to give myself opportunities to treat myself to things like good coffee, a book, a movie, time with a friend, a new purse, dinner with my man…and more.  All of these things I should be doing for myself on a special day or a regular day (and so should you). 

My deliberate attention to self care, celebration of myself and expanding opportunities for fun can only lead to awesomeness.  Join me…celebrate YOU this month.  It is so worth it.  And if you ever feel that it is SELFISH…say “pishaw” and reframe it as…it is NECESSARY.  You being kind, generous, accepting and celebratory of yourself will teach YOU how to treat you, the UNIVERSE to treat you…and OTHERS to treat you.  You being treated well is how then you can treat others well.  It is one in the same. 

If you are skeptical, just give it a try for a month (like I am) and see what transpires.  Its just a month…chalk it up to research…and then afterward decide if you want to go back to your “old ways” or continue on the path of celebrating YOU!  Awesome times are in store for the month of March (and beyond). 


In the month of March

I am celebrating me

This is good to do

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