Boo – Who?

I had a pretty nice day…until….I came home and found that we had been ‘Boo’d’: a neighborhood Halloween tradition that I have never-ever enjoyed.  It is like a live chain letter in the form of treats bestowed on the neighbor and they in turn must ‘Boo’ 2 other houses (treats and all). 

So, the ‘Boo’ happens and I am not at all amused…but somehow my codependent-rule-following side of me perks up and says “I have to do this”.  So instead of winding down my day to settle in with dinner and homework, I spend my early evening focused on getting treats at CVS, taking the form letter to Staples to copy and then as the absence of light descends on our neighborhood I go to the two closest houses where I know there are kids and I place my packages and run.

Here are my added peeves about this:

MY KIDS ARE TEENAGERS.  This does not register as cool to them, so this “cute” trick/treat – became my job.  Of course they noshed on the candy which THEY DO NOT NEED!

and….Why the “F” did I follow through with it? Why did I not let the whole game end with our house? I could have done that.  That was a possibility.  No one would expire if we stopped there. 

and…normally I would reward my grumpy-mcgrumpster attitude with a glass of wine….but alas, I am not drinking as of late.  I am doing a month-long cleanse (and I’m extending it for another month), so I only consume on very special occasions and “booing” neighbors does not register as special…it registers as inane!

So now I Haiku:

Booing is not cool

The tradition makes me grumpy

Why did I fall prey?

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