Rare moment

It is rare to have quality connection with my teenagers.  I believe it is in their job description.  I would give both my kids high marks for doing their job well.  But today was different; today my daughter spent 2 hours singing songs from her playlist.  The jam session was probably one hour too long for me, but I was NOT going to be the one to end it.  This type of interaction is a valued commodity to the adults in this house. 

I am reminded of her younger days when she would give us a personally choreographed dance recital on an almost nightly basis.  I would sit as her “audience” until she ran out of steam.  I feel confident that those evenings of support and non-judgment influenced her confidence to perform in musicals and plays and sing solos on stages.  I am in awe of her gumption.

Oh and the “thank you Momma” as she went off to bed tonight was like a sweet sweet chocolate morsel that I will savor.   I am practicing consuming treats in moderation…so I guess this once-in-a-blue-moon connection is my no calorie sweet treat for the day. 

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