Lucky Day

I love when my sister-in-law cleans out her closet.  My closet benefits. This weekend I got some great items.  I grabbed a pair of cool/funky pants that I was hopeful would fit.  They did not.  I brought the trousers to work and shopped them around the office.  They were TOO cool/funky for my office mates.  I put them in my purse to take back home.

On my walk home, I racked my brain to think of someone who would want the pants. No one came to mind.  I had the thought that I wanted to be able to personally hand the trousers to the next owners instead of putting them in a donation bin.

Fast forward a few hours and I went to the mall to do some final Christmas shopping.  I was in a ‘younger/hip’ store buying my purchase.  As I went to pay, the pants fell into my hands.  I looked at the young lady behind the counter and I asked “are you a 27”? “Yes I am”, she replied.  “Do you want a pair of pants”, “Sure!”.  As I handed them over, I realized that the pants were from a store in the mall and the tag was still attached.  I had a split-second thought that I could be seen as a shoplifter offloading my haul.  Alas, my new ‘friend’ said she trusted me.

How about that?  Within hours of having the desire to personally hand the pants to someone; I did!  I like to think that I might have made her feel as if it was her ‘lucky day’.

On a similar note…

On the same walk home, I was carrying a big bag of leftovers from an office luncheon.  I had the thought that I would hand the bag to the first homeless person I saw.  Wouldn’t you know, today there were none in my path.  The food became my kids’ after school snack.  It was THEIR lucky day!


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