DSCN1814I have spent the better half of this first day of 2016 cleaning up and out my photos and albums (both physical and digital).  It feels really good however as per my usual, I don’t have a stop button.  In some ways this is how my perfectionism serves me well because as I persevere through the cleaning process, the end result is done, with nothing else to do.  I like that about myself.

The issue is that I have hyper focus, I ignore people and my own self-care needs (like food and water).  This is a short lived phase so I am happy to keep-on-keepin’-on.

My photos and albums are nearly organized and plans for catching up on my albums are in the works.  The best part of this ritual is that I get to walk down memory lane.  I know I am the only one who knows my photos so intimately and I think I am the only one who cares to this degree and that is OK.

My next task is to see if my other family members will download their stash so we can have a representative sample from this year.  As the kids age our number of photos dwindles and it makes the photo albums seem a little lacking so I need all the images I can get.  I also love to see what is important to the kids both about themselves and their friends.  Of course I am only seeing the pictures they want me to see.  In the social media world of Snapchat, I know I am not seeing all the photos taken and that is probably a good thing.

Given the fact that I spent most of the day on photos and a lot of the content on this blog features my photos, one could surmise that I value this part of my life.  I do.  My time is less focused on photography these days but today I had the joy of photographing my daughter and her friends during a downtown adventure.  It feels good to start out the new year in this way.  Perhaps this is a sign of things to come.

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