I truly enjoy helping people navigate the landscape of deliberately creating the work and life that they love and deserve.

People who are attracted to my work are mostly on the right track but feel they need support to gain clarity and to have a witness to ideas and blocks. Other ideal clients are those who have actually made a great deal of progress in their growth and expansion and want someone like me to help them maintain the momentum.

My clients enjoy my relaxed, open-to-possibilities approach and enjoy how organic and connected the coaching relationship is. I am on your team and I support you by:

  • Asking great questions

  • Listening intently

  • Engaging my curiosity and intuition

  • Connecting you with your own knowing

  • Providing perspective 

  • Exposing you to new ways of thinking

  • Brainstorming multiple options and

  • Holding the highest vision for you as you are processing your desires

If you’re intrigued, contact me and we can explore how we can work together to create the deliberate changes in your life that connects you with your ideal and aligned self.

My favorite place to play is when the ideas start flowing and life is breathed into what was once a spark of a desire.  Clients are left with a roadmap for their ideas to become a reality.

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