Riding Write

I have taken to writing while I journey to my fun job in DC.  I have had this lovely teal journal for about 3 years now and each year I have believed I would finish it.  This IS my year and in fact it will be complete by my birthday in the coming month.  I have periodically adopted the ritual of writing three pages a day based on Julia Cameron’s “morning pages”.  I am “on again” with the ritual and I’ve added an additional writing task.  I also write in a very small ‘pocket’ journal one tiny page about my abundance and specifically my positive relationship with money.  This is a simple easy way to get my abundance-vibe juiced up for the day. 

So…I write in my tiny money journal and then I write three pages in my bigger ‘morning pages’ journal…all on the train…all in full view of my fellow riders.  I have decided that I really don’t care if someone reads my inner thoughts AND I also kind of like to think that someone is possibly left ‘curious’ about what “that lady is doing”.  I love my morning ride on the metro (especially if I am seated) and now I love it more because I write as I ride.


On the ride to work

I explore my inner thoughts

While others look on 

Sans Souci

Record low temperatures require the right outerwear.  I’ve acquired an ever-so-stylish green coat from a re-sale shop. It is essentially a walking sleeping bag.  The investment was $35 but the warmth is priceless.  What I’ve gained in reasonably priced parka, I’ve lost in style.  But here is the thing, I don’t give one care. 

I had been told that with age, what others think doesn’t matter.  This coat represents my evolution into that frame of mind.  When thinking about this concept, the fun French term Sans Souci (carefree) comes to mind. 

So now I ‘haiku’

Green coat is ugly

Sans souci is my new style

Warm is the new black

A man and his dog

We are coming in on 2 solid years of owning our puppy Casey.  I would love to say that there was not a day that I regretted getting him.  That first year was a doozy sprinkled with extreme cuteness.  We have definitely hit our stride despite his wake time of 5:30-6am.  The dog is independent and doles out his love and affection on his own terms and his own time – much like the human teenagers in the house.  My love has grown with time and I am happy to have him as our puppy/dog. 

But…what I truly deeply love about having Casey is that my husband adores him more than he ever knew was possible.  The fact that my husband gets to experience that level of affection and love is what makes owning Casey worth every single minute of it.  

My heart swells every time I see Casey and his main human express their love and affection.

Haiku – time

The man loves the dog

Both are mutually blessed

Warms my tender heart



Snow Haiku

A series of haiku posters have shown up on my walk to the metro in DC.  I am inspired to give haiku a try.  Here goes…

Snow falling downward

Creates a magic blanket

Conjuring stillness

Vision for 2015

A week ago I facilitated a vision board workshop at my house.  I usually am not able to focus on my own board enough to start the gluing, so finally, it is ready to share. 

To start the workshop, I facilitated a visualization exercise where the participants (and I) were to receive a gift, and to open and experience it.  My gift showed up as a parrot-like bird.  I found the totem meaning for parrot on www.linsdomain.com 

Be alert to new ideas which can bring about new growth or a new direction. Maybe it’s the perfect time to go after dreams that you once thought were out of reach.

This messenger supports my theme for the year which is “CONNECTION”.  I intend to expand my network and expand what I currently see as possible for myself.  I’ve had a great run of having some big desires fulfilled – cross country move, perfect job for husband (and me), perfect house (plus schools) for our family, and a perfect puppy…to name a few. 

These all have been ideas that have become real things for me in the right time, and the right form.  It is fabulous to watch the unfolding (both the good parts, and the uncomfortable parts which I call growth opportunities).  So at this point, I am feeling a desire to revel in what has come to fruition and not create any new ‘big’ desires just yet…so my instinct is to get out and about and expand my network and my comfort zone.  I believe by doing this, I will activate new desires that are yet to be known by me. 

Since I created my board, I’ve felt inspired to attend several networking events, investigated Toastmasters, updated my website and am creating this post.  All feel aligned with my vision board…and my new expansive desires will be forthcoming, I am certain.

What is your vision for 2015?  Do you have a ritual that supports your vision?  Sharing helps to create collective energy for what you’re creating for yourself!  AND if you’ve yet to create a vision, contact me, it’ll be fun!

Searching for connection

I have been at my computer for over an hour searching for something interesting to read or someone to connect with.  I’m not feeling successful with my search but I cannot seem to leave my perch.  I thought writing might help but every topic has felt like a no (I feel it in my throat and gut). 

My word for the year is ‘connection’ (or some variation of that word) and at this moment I would say I am not ‘tapped into’ that word.  It isn’t feeling like a big deal, but it is peaking my curiosity about why I am searching and why I won’t let go of the search (in this moment). 

I do know that if I leave my computer I have family members watching a movie I don’t want to see, a house that needs tidying for a party tomorrow, and books that can be read but not ‘feeling it’.  So, as I’ve just blathered on about my situation, I KNOW that I am bored…and boredom is one of my feeling states that leads to incessant internet activity.

I can’t say that I will leave the computer once I’ve ended this post.  I feel as though I am in a vortex…and am not choosing to get out, yet.  Of course, bed sounds kind of nice.  Maybe.




I go through phases where I will look at the clock at exactly :11 and it will happen regularly for a while.  It brings a grin to my face every time.  

My friend and I have spoken of this often throughout our friendship and so when I see it, I send her a quick note telling her I am thinking of her, and  I usually include a word or two about what I am thinking/feeling/doing. 

I also see it as a sign that I am in my ‘sweet spot’ of alignment.  My thoughts and feelings are right where they should be to have events and things flow smoothly (mostly).  I am on one of those roles now. 

I look forward to many more :11s, and a few 1:11s and 11:11s thrown in for good measure. 


Unforeseen gifts

I have knack for not trying to plan for the future, it stresses me out if I do because I don’t know what it holds, but I do know that I am always delighted by what is delivered.  I like this perspective because I trust that my life is divinely led; and I am never let down. 

At this moment, I am the owner of a new-to-me car I didn’t know I wanted or needed, and it is way fancier than I would have ever imagined.   This is 3 days into the new year.  If this is a sign for what is yet to come…I’m stoked! 

Socked In

Every new year I surround myself with a pile of all of our socks.  I have high hopes that all will have a matching pair.  By the end I have a significant pile of matching socks; and an equal amount of mismatched ones.  I hesitate to throw out the mismatched pile in the off-chance that the match will materialize.  A matching pair is rarely found.

Every year I intend to create a system to ensure all socks are matched at all times.  At the end of every year, I am left with massive pile of mismatched socks.

When will the madness end?


I set a goal to write today.  I wrote. It was deleted. I start again.

I know that I created this writing drama as I’ve been in resistance to writing (as seen by the last post date being September).  I now realize that it would have been quite useful to spend some pre-paving time to align with my writing and to create a more positive energy “pre” writing.  I have clear evidence of the benefits of pre-paving in many other areas of my life…and this is no different. 

I consider the energy to be shifted back to the ‘writing flow’.  It feels much better…and whatever I wrote before will live in limbo because I don’t feel like re-writing it (I’m grumpy-pants about deleting it).  So there!