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Magic Moments

P1020410Today is one of those days that I had many serendipitous moments.  One that stands out most is that I got a call from out of the blue from someone whose business card resurfaced, just yesterday.  When she said her name…my mind said…”of course you’re calling”!

I love these aligned events.  I get such a kick out of them, and if you talk to any of my friends, I have them often.  In fact, just a month ago, I saw someone fixing a flat tire and then minutes later, I GOT ONE!  I’ve been experiencing this phenomenon a lot in the last 4 years and possibly before, but I wasn’t paying attention.

Part of me wants to read into all of the magic moments to see if I can predict my future path.  I actually do think they are hints, but at the moment, I am not meant to know what they lead to.

And really, since I hold the phrase “it’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey” as truth, then what would be the fun if some of the guessing was left out.

I think the biggest lesson about all of this is that PAYING ATTENTION is a beautiful thing.  That Kool-Aid I can drink!

Spaces in Between

In the past few days I’ve noticed that I’ve had these paradoxical thoughts and sensations like “hurry up and wait” or “everything to do and nothing to do”.  It is a fascinating place and calming in some regard.  I feel at peace with these sensations and I wonder if it is because I intuitively know that everything will get done exactly how it should when it needs to be done.

I’ve read about the concept of the spaces, or the energy between things…I could find it but then this post wouldn’t get written.  Let’s just use the metaphor of the ‘pull’ you feel when a magnet is about to attach it’s opposing charge.

It is a magical and seemingly palpable place between here and there, or the time between now and then….if you stop to notice that space and ponder it, it has a calming and wonder-full feel to it.  Even the space between asking/praying for something and getting it has a similar quality…if we relax and ‘soft focus’ on the space we will feel the ‘knowing tug’ that it is all taken care of, in the ways it needs to be, in the time it needs to get done…perhaps the feeling state can be called grace or faith…something to ponder.

I am reminded of the quote I call upon often these days:

All Shall Be Well,
and All Shall Be Well,
and All Manner of Things Shall Be Well

Julian of Norwich


It might be the full moon and it might be just plain ole being human, but today I was in a funk.  There were loads of moments in my day where I could have given in and given up…but I didn’t. 

I got my kids off to school alive (always a bit check mark on my to do list).  I went to the gym (an easy one to take OFF my list).  Additionally, I got several significant ‘no fun’ items done.  On top of all that, I reduced the Mount Ranier sized pile of laundry to a hill. 

I am not writing this to stroke my ego; I’m writing this in a bit of shock and awe.  I really don’t know how I got from here to there in terms of my motivation and drive to get things done, despite the desire to crawl in bed for the full day.  In fact, I did crawl in bed for a 20 minute nap and still was able to get up and contribute today. 

My hunch is that my normal ‘trick-myself-into-doing-things’ was on autopilot today and I was able to set small goals to get a little done which then lead to more than expected getting accomplished.

I am excited to see that it just might be possible to have habits become so fluid that you don’t have to do the pep talks and pats on backs after a while.  Another possibility is that the full moon actually HELPED me take action even in my depleted energy.  That possibility is fine with me too…because I like looking at the check marks on my list (the list remained in my head today – I couldn’t be bothered to write it down).

Your Body Knows

I’m really trying to trust my intuition more.  I have a an amazing intuition-navigation-device…and so do you.

In the Martha Beck coaching lingo, we call it the Body Compass.  It is a simple and powerful tool for navigating the big and small decisions in our lives. 

Speaking for myself, the more I’ve acquainted myself with my personal body compass the more I can tune into my body’s signals for the ‘hot and cold’ game of deciding what is a right next step for me.  At the moment my physical cues are full body chills (you know the kind that you get when you hear a really beautiful story).  I get those at very odd times and it usually when someone is telling me something that is their truth, or when I’ve accessed mine.  Additionally, if I’m considering something and my throat closes up, I know that is an invitation to look deeper at the situation to see why it isn’t right for me (and consider ditching it all together).

I often ask myself…what would it mean for me to ONLY operate from my intuition.  I’ve tried it a lot and then I forget and go back to my old ways of forcing things, looking outside myself for answers and just bumbling around not paying attention to the messages my body gives me. 

Ultimately, to be able to operate from intuition I can see that developing a consistent practice of connecting with the stillness within me through meditation and connection with nature will be useful.  I am learning more about these practices through Martha Beck’s new book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, especially in the sections called Wordlessness and Oneness. 

I may be romanticizing what my life would be like with a purely intuitive approach, but I believe that IS how we connect with our authentic path; by connecting with that inner knowing.  As much as it sounds super-airy-fairy-loosy-goosy, for me it also paradoxically feels very practical and from the ‘here-and-now’.  Who knows best about what is right for your life than YOU. 

If you’re curious about the Body Compass tool, contact me and I can run a Tool Time Tuesday session on it!  Bring your friends along too! 

I also invite you to share your ideas about intuition here…I am deeply intrigued by this topic and would love to learn more!

My Life Book

Yesterday morning I woke up with this question in my head:  “What if I show up as myself sharing my quirky observations, inspiring people with my photography, and sharing my insights and learnings with others?”  During this same morning musing I thought, “Maybe if I do all that, people will say “I’ll have what she’s having”…and that is all the marketing I need to do.  If I show up as me, and I share my “me” with others, then I will be successful.” Then I found this quote in my inbox and it feels like a “yes” to my insights (I love when messages synch with my personal insights)

The qualities that capture positive attention these days aren’t slickness, blandness, and mass consensus (boring), but authenticity, inventiveness, humor, beauty, uniqueness, playfulness, empathy, and meaning (interesting).
—Martha Beck, Finding Your Way In A Wild New World

I know that this isn’t some amazing ‘a-ha’ but it feels like I’m leaning more and more into believing the above than listening to the “7 Steps to Creating a Successful Business” which I sometimes run to in times of uncertainty.  If I had to write my own personal “7 Steps” they would be:

1)      Believe you are worthy (if you don’t believe that find a compassionate person/coach to help change that….or try therapy if that feels right)

2)      Find out what brings you the most joy and contentment/peace (be a treasure hunter of your desires)

3)      Do #2 whenever possible

4)      Notice when you aren’t doing #2 and clean up your thinking/work with a coach/share with a compassionate friend

5)      Magnetize yourself to people who ‘get it” or “get you”

6)      Show up as authentically as you can every day….and notice when you’re not and go back to #4

7)      Always, always, always go with the person/place/thing/idea that feels most like FUN!

Then VOILA things will happen that will serve your life’s purpose and/or at least you’ll be having FUN with people you enjoy!   Both are what life SHOULD BE about ….in my Life Book!

A Question is Everything

I am a curious cat; I love to ask questions. 

I am a life coach;  I know how to ask questions. 

I am a searcher of meaning in my life; I get great joy in posing the big open-ended questions. 

I know the power of questions…..

However, just recently I can say that…I FINALLY GET IT!

I get that the POWER of the question is actually in the space between the ASK and the ANSWER.  What if, we approached everything from a questioning mind verses an answer finding mind?  What if all it takes is for us to ask questions and either wait in that moment for the answer to arrive OR to just let the question filter into the atmosphere to be answered in the right time and in the right place with the right people and the right information for YOU?

I have to say that I often take a consultative approach with my life and other people with whom I connect.  I look at the variables that are on the table and form a  big picture of what the possibilities might be – almost like a puzzle.  I feel I have an intuitive ability to see the possibilities…but what if….what if…all it really takes is the questions?  I wonder what that would look like?  Part of me gets an anxious feeling that my ‘puzzle-solving’ skills will be jeopardized….but what if my puzzle-solving is actually more of a default to “control” and “feel safe”?  What if all it takes is to ALLOW the answers to come? 

So many questions AND so much time…..I love every minute of it. 

The best question I’ve heard recently from is…..

How can it get EVEN BETTER than this?


June, for some reason, represents a fresh start for me.  If I were observant, I would notice that I have three ‘fresh start’ times in my year…June, September and January.  These are logical transition times for me at the moment as I have 2 young children and those months, not surprisingly, have transitional themes.  I don’t think I need to describe what they are. 

My fresh start today, June 1, involves me writing on an almost daily basis.  I did that for two full years on my blog and it was a fun way to reflect, inspire, be goofy, be serious and anything else that popped up for me.  That is the way I like to write, and somehow I lost that flavor of writing in the past year…which coincided with me having TWO blogs.  I lost my mojo…which resulted in very little writing and I can feel the difference.  

I am figuratively closing shop on my old blog (I may resurrect a few of my old posts and use them here).  My other blog felt like a lifeline for me and it served its purpose, and now this spot, right here, will be my new platform to jibber jabber and wax poetic (as best I can).  

I am giddy with excitement that my writing mojo is back…AND that this beautiful bush is blossoming outside my door.  Every time I see it I think of my early childhood bedroom; it had pink and green flowered wallpaper!

Where are you?

Where are you my “drive”?
I seem to have lost you.
I see you in spits and spurts…
but, I think you’ve moved to the passenger seat.
I seem to resist you not being here.
I seem to be unwilling to be okay with you in the passenger seat.
What would it mean to be okay with a lack of drive?
It would mean I get to do nothing or something whenever I feel like it.
It would mean I trust that it will come when I need it.
It would mean that some days I am in full throttle…
and some days I am in idle…
and some I am on cruise control.
What is wrong with that?
I don’t know?
Somehow I’ve been believing that it isn’t right.
I am choosing for this moment to believe that it is quite all right…
and, in fact, necessary to replenish my systems for my next full throttle experience.
I like that thought.
Now what?
Now, I ….now, I….now, I… sit and wait for a whisper of what to do next.
I’m listening!


I was turned on to Dan Howard’s concept of Intentional Resting by Martha Beck (you can see it here in O Magazine).  I have loosely practiced it over the last six months and I’ve spread the word when it felt right.

Today I looked deeper at the concept as I am supporting a friend through a challenging experience of being a caregiver for her sister with cancer.  I ‘loosely’ taught her how to do it.

As I find that I want to support her energetically through this process, I find that I want to walk-the-walk for her (and with her) so that I can be a model and a guide…so I’ve signed up for the 30 Day Intentional Resting program.  I can only see a benefit for me and for those I love.

I am more than willing to align with someone (Dan Howard) who has the mission of sending ripples of love through the world via intentional resting…AND it is a win-win for me because I’ll be loving myself too!

In the spirit of intentional resting;  I rest for my intention to rest!  If you are at all interested in this, either check out the website, and/or contact me.

(PS if you think it is about taking naps…think again).

Productivity – flow and no-flow

Some days I feel as if I’m a slow as a slug and not producing anything.  On those days if I look back, I had no clear deadlines or ‘ends’ to work toward.  Maybe if I don’t see a clear deadline I can a) create one or b) take that day off of feeling as if I NEED to be productive. 

And then there are those days…you know them…the days in which you feel as if you’re on fire and that you’re accomplishing things that make you feel super good, on top of it…AND the house gets cleaned, and you remember to mail birthday cards, and dinner is planned ahead of time.  Its as if extra hours were put in that day without you knowing it.  Those are my flow days.  I am having one today.  I have a few different ‘things’ going on at once and I am efficiently responding and producing toward completing these ‘things’.   AND I showered, AND the beds are made, AND I’m even able to write this blog….AND there are still more hours for me to do more, AND I don’t mind that there is more to do.  So…maybe on these FLOW days, I ratchet up my ideas of what I want to accomplish and just go for it…so that on my “no flow days” (as described above), I can feel fairly confident that I earned it in some way.

Another reason for my burst of productivity is that I just listened to the book Getting Things Done by David Allen…the biggest lessons I learned are…WRITE STUFF DOWN and think of the NEXT very specific step for each ‘to do’ item and write it down too. 

I’m outa’here!  Gotta do my next thing!  I’m on fire!