About Laura

I believe that we can create our lives by default or design…by design is so much more empowering and fun!

I have loads of experience with deliberately creating big changes in my life.  Recently, I have manifested: a new ‘perfect school” for my kids, a new job and ideal relocation for my family, a house and neighborhood that fits our desires, and a new puppy who is a perfect match for our family. The more I live my life based on my values, my intuition and my ‘feel good’ state, the more I’ve expanded the possibilities for myself. I love sharing my process and ideas with clients so that they too can tap into their creative potential.


I have spent most of my career helping to expand the possibilities for businesses and individuals…

I have worked in the field of change management in one way or other for my whole career, starting with my MS in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.  In 2008, I decided that the part I enjoyed most about change management consulting was the connection with people and their desire to find peace in an ever changing environment at both work and in life. With that in mind I set out to gain more “tools for my toolbox” in the form of coaching certifications.

I participated in a highly selective instructional program with Martha Beck Life Coach Training and continued my training under two of the best law of attraction coaches at www.goodvibecoachacademy.com.  

As a self described “Navy brat”, Laura began her training in change management virtually from birth. She’s added an impressive mastery of coaching tools and skills, and her intense but gentle focus shines like a searchlight, helping each client find his or her unique path. If you’re in the midst of change, filled with uncertainty and anxiety, Laura can be the constant, untroubled, knowledgeable presence that anchors you to peace, and to your best possible life.

— Martha Beck

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