Where I live, it rains.  This year it was especially rainy.  I was trying to meet the rain from an enlightened, “Loving What Is” kind of space, but alas, the weather got to me…sometimes I was down right angry especially on the 100th day of rain. 

This weekend was one of our FIRST times this year to have beautiful weather.  These great-weather days actually do happen and they can be legendary.   What I’m finding fascinating is that everything looks soooo green, and soooo blue and soooo crisp (ie the mountain ranges).  So I’m curious, is the technicolor experience based on MY perception because I’ve wanted this for so long, or is it just really that way.  My other question is that WHEN we’ve had our 30th great-weather day (I’m putting that as an affirmative…going to happen…kind of way) will I take these colors for granted, will they actually look as stunning to me?  I have it in my mind to take note, but I have a hunch, I’ll forget.  Maybe I’ll set a date in my calendar a month from now and take particular notice of my perceptions…OR…I’ll just take it one day at a time and enjoy it in whatever version it comes.

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