It is that time of year, where I’m drawn to reflect on how my year went and what I intend to bring into my life for the coming year.

As I grow more and more deliberate about creating a life that I love, this process organically comes to me and the process takes on a life of its own.  With the intention of reflection and exploration, I’m often effortlessly brought to the exact resources to support me in articulating my learnings and my desires. 

What if all it takes for us to gain the necessary insights for our growth at the end of a year and expansion for the new year, is to believe that the right information, and the right processes, and the right people will show up to support us? 

Right now I am in the thick of my process, that has come to me by way of a list of questions, not unlike the ones found here on a new site I found just a moment ago that I can tell is going to inspire my photography….but for now it gives me more questions to reflect on for the remainder of 2011.  Just finding this site and these questions already provides the evidence to my ‘what if statement’ above.  I learned the power of “What If” a year ago…What If It All Goes Right? .  What if…what if I shoot for the stars this year?  I like the feel of that question.

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