Love thy Neighbor

IMG_0279I love my new neighborhood and my new neighbors.  In the past few months and as recently as this week, we have been welcomed so generously into the lives of the people who make up our neighborhood.  I could not feel luckier.

Even before the possibility of moving here to the DC-area came into being, I had written about what I desired for a place to live.  I wrote, and wrote and wrote…and I phrased it in the present tense as if my desires were already fulfilled (also know as “Pray Rain Journaling”).

I feel totally at home, I feel inspired by my environs, I am proud of the ability to walk and use public transportation and most of all, I am amazingly pleased to find that I enjoy the people in our neighborhood.

I have become a true believer of writing “as if” the desired outcome has already happened.  My new journal writing will include how I intend to expand my network and my opportunities to make a difference for my family, my community and for other endeavors that I don’t know exist yet!

I love to think that ‘the best is yet to come’ –  I am willing to have it be that way (and more).  Because I cannot think of all the possibilities available to me, I always end my writing with the statement – THIS OR BETTER!

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  1. This blog is really special to all of the “D-H-O-B-S” gang! We love you back!

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